Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Clay Toys- Fun & Educational Craft

Step 1: preheat oven according to Sculpey directions
Step 2: soften clay to make it more pliable
Step 3: just like playdough! form shapes of the people & things you need for your project
(we are studying the journey of Lewis & Clark with Sacegewea across the country so this was our theme for the project, but you can use any theme from a book or movie of your choice)
Step 4: cook pieces according to Sculpey directions (the pieces won't harden until cooked!)
and let them cool
Step 5: while the pieces are cooking and cooling you can prepare your box for the diarama- we painted on our river, sky, & clouds - we also glued some dirt & mulch into place for the land
* just a hint about making the larger mountain pieces- I used tin foil for the base & rolled out a layer of thin clay to lay over the top - it cooked faster & wasn't too heavy (not to mention that it doesn't waste so much clay)
Step 6: use paint brushes, tooth picks or any other tool you like to paint and put details on your pieces and let them dry
*play with the colors, try sponging on some layers of color & paint for depth
Have Lots of FUN!!!

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I hope that the long span in posting to this blog is not an indication that you will not be posting anymore. If you are looking for crafts to try an' post about, I'd be happy to help you find some.

~ Yaya