Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Space Chase Multiplication" by P-diddy the incredible mathematician!

Get Your Game On! I recently bought a small package of foam stickers and 4x6 foam cards (together) at Walmart for about $6.00. We have trouble with memorization of the multiplication tables at our house. My son is a brilliant mathematician (of course) but no matter how many times we drill flash cards, or write out, and study the X's tables- he just wants to "compute" instead of memorize. Although, I am sure we will find great and mighty ways to use his extraordinary talents- I am still requiring that he memorize his multiplication. Mean mean momma- I know I know.
He created the above little card out of those handy foam stickers and we decided that the rules are to start at one end and roll the dice. Immediately shout out the answer by multiplying the two numbers together from your roll and move one space forward if you get it right. Unless, of course your quotient ends in a zero- then you get to move forward 2 spaces!! We go up the card and back. We also each say the whole problem out loud- "4 x 6= 34". Guess momma looses again. Actually, I do try to trip him up sometimes by purposely giving the wrong answer. He just loves "busting" me! And it's a fun little math game and art project combined.


This second card was designed by my 6 year old. Yes, they really are particularly talented. Feel free to send money if you need a creation like this of your very own and they will be more than happy to oblige. We haven't made up the rules to this game yet. Uh, any ideas? (please.....)

O.K. - we also made some pictures to celebrate the first official day of Spring!

 This cute little guy:

Made this cute little picture:

Crafting with the kiddos doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. The total cost for the sticker project was about $6.00 & a pair of dice borrowed from an old game.

I bought a stack of colored construction paper from Sams club that will last us a year for about $12.00.  I've seen smaller stacks of construction paper for $1.00 at the Dollar Tree.

I drew (very quickly- so quickly that I should probably tell people it was the kid) pictures of a few flowers, a jagged line across the paper for him to cut out grass, and a simple tree. He cut and pasted his own design and used the scraps to make "our house". The clouds were his idea as well & cotton is cheap!

We hung out, worked on these simple projects and talked about Spring! They thought it was great-


Sarah Dunlop said...

Everything looks so much fun :-)

thefisherlady said...

that is a math game we play... love the personal drawing to go with it!