Friday, November 7, 2008

Personalized Aprons!

Cute Cute Cute! The aprons aren't bad either! Michaels craft store sells these adorable children's aprons for under $5 and with a little paint, a few scrapbook embelishments, and some imagination- we turned them into these personalized crafting/kitchen aprons! The boy versions are cute too with little bugs or frogs! Hint- using the stick end of the paint brush makes perfect little polka dots!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kitchen Sink and Stove

Not so ordinary - Cardboard Boxes! The boys had a ball painting these regular old cardboard boxes. We cut doors in the front of each for under sink storage and for a little oven under the stove. On the inside we even mounted shelves out of scrap pieces. Using a hot glue gun - glue pieces of equal height on each side for the "shelf" to rest on. Cut 2 large circles from scrap cardboard for the"eyes" of the stove. (we painted them red for "hot" and used a black marker to draw a black ring around the edge of each one for detail) Cut 2 small round circles for knobs. I used yarn to keep the oven door from falling all the way open by punching holes in the sides, running the yarn through, and knotting the ends. For the towel holder- I recycled an old clothes hanger cardboard dowel (wood works fine) and secured it by wrapping yarn around the ends. (dab with hot glue to secure, then push other ends of yarn through punched holes in side of box and tie knot) Measure a bowl that has a lip before cutting hole in top of "sink" box and then - drop it in! We cut a candy cane shaped "faucet" - painted it dark, and painted "hot" and "cold" knobs to go with it. Play Play Play and have FUN! The charm is in the little details!

Nature Journal

Journal Journal Journal!!! I bought several of these regular composition notebooks on clearance for about 50 cents a piece. They weren't so special until we added some great scrapbooking paper! We even hand cut a bird from coordinating paper to decorate the front of our "Nature Journal"! You can hand cut a design of your choice or use stickers to decorate according to your own theme. ie: daily journal, nature journal, birding journal, scrapbook journal, gardening journal (you get the idea) Have fun! Quick, easy, and practical!

Customized Napkin Rings

Patriotic decor

Clay napkin rings- This is a super easy craft project that can be customized to suite any decor or for any occasion. These were made for the 4th of July this past summer. Using any craft clay that will harden when baked- just kneed the clay until pliable and then roll by hand the rings. I measured them against store-bought napkin rings I had on hand. The important things are that the napkins you plan to use will fit properly, and that you try to make each ring as uniform as possible. (we aren't shooting for perfection here folks- that might take all the fun out of it) Use a pastry roller to roll out clay in about 1/4 inch thickness and use cookie cutters to cut out themed shape. Bake rings and shapes according to the clay directions before attaching them together. Paint rings and pieces- then use hot glue gun to attach. tip: I placed a napkin in place so that I could get a feel for how to place the star shapes before gluing.

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