Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Customized Theme Frames Make Great Gifts

Super Easy and Rewarding- not to mention Affordable Craft! Makes a great gift!
buy inexpensive frames when you come across a deal. it is more important that you buy frames that are at least fairly well made than for them to be beautiful. You can make them beautiful by painting them any way you like. This frame was actually black to start with. I found the little wooden sailboat (already painted in such cool colors) I choose one of the colors from the boat and applied a coat of a closely related blue to the frame. Get out the hot glue gun and bada boom- you can have a totally custom gift for pennies! Take the glass and backing out and let kids help by painting the first coat on the frame- you can clean it up with a second coat- just make sure there are no "blobs" of paint left by running your brush over it after they are done and before it dries.
You can find the little wooden decor items at craft stores, dollar stores, and even wallmart. There are usually options with animals, flowers, cars & trucks. Paint them yourself or buy them already painted like I did for this one. hint: if you paint your own - you can use a thick tipped black marker to outline your finished piece- it cleans up the lines and looks very professional!! have fun-