Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kitchen Sink and Stove

Not so ordinary - Cardboard Boxes! The boys had a ball painting these regular old cardboard boxes. We cut doors in the front of each for under sink storage and for a little oven under the stove. On the inside we even mounted shelves out of scrap pieces. Using a hot glue gun - glue pieces of equal height on each side for the "shelf" to rest on. Cut 2 large circles from scrap cardboard for the"eyes" of the stove. (we painted them red for "hot" and used a black marker to draw a black ring around the edge of each one for detail) Cut 2 small round circles for knobs. I used yarn to keep the oven door from falling all the way open by punching holes in the sides, running the yarn through, and knotting the ends. For the towel holder- I recycled an old clothes hanger cardboard dowel (wood works fine) and secured it by wrapping yarn around the ends. (dab with hot glue to secure, then push other ends of yarn through punched holes in side of box and tie knot) Measure a bowl that has a lip before cutting hole in top of "sink" box and then - drop it in! We cut a candy cane shaped "faucet" - painted it dark, and painted "hot" and "cold" knobs to go with it. Play Play Play and have FUN! The charm is in the little details!

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